Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEW MONTH, old lifestyle...

Hey y'all NappturalDancer here!

I hope all is good and well with you. : )  Well let see, school was giving me a headache and pure stress which probably explains why I haven't been able to do any vids lately but they are coming soon, I just need to get myself together. Speaking of getting myself together. I must say that life definately has it's ups and downs isn't it? I mean, here I am starting the fall semester of school and in the middle of the semester, with all the work piled on me, it was impossible for me to get anything done. Me being so distracted by numerous things, like, family, friends, facebook. lol But seriously though, I felt as though throughout the fall and spring semesters, I worked so hard to make an impact for myself and trying to finish up so I can move on and worry about other classes to next for next year. But working hard, literally is half the battle. I  NEEDED A TUTOR! I was so stressed out by the pressure and letting all of that get to me is what really cause me to fail some of my exams. I was so disappointed in myself, because I felt like I let the outside world come in and mess with my head and distracted me from the things that I needed to get done and that's my homework. On top of that, I haven't been to church in 2 months and why I haven't been going at all, is because of me trying to find a job, figuring out what I'm going to do with the fall 2011 semester, and figuring out how I'm overcome this homework, test anxiety. Honestly I really didn't have the heart to tell my sisters who have been helping me get through school, but eventually they found out. Through my mom. smh. I haven't been praying at all either. I always feel like I'm neglecting God and his promise to me to help me get through my troubled life. It hurts so bad and I always feel like when I want to talk to God, I'm staring at a brick wall. Like he doesn't want to hear me because I know I disobeyed him. I NEED HIM. He put me on this earth to overcome sinful ways of the flesh. I just need to let him know that what I'm going though is hard. Everyday is hard. It's hard for me to smile, to laugh, to relax. All I do is cry and get mad. But I have to tell him that, because he know that he is there.

As for other things besides school, my so-called love life. Still single. Don't care. Love can wait. Me being a black woman, I see a lot of things in society, mostly in the black community with woman finding their "perfect" black man. They have what is called, THE LIST. Things that a (black) man must do to please a (black) woman. Unfortunately I'm not gonna go over any of them because that's obviously a waste of time that's not well spent. I think bw who are professional, college educated, smart-savvy, independent (what is independent anyway?) and single do have options when it comes to finding a mate. Dating outside the color lines. In other words, interracially! Now for the black men reading this, no disrespect to you at all, but I feel that there are some amazing men of different ethnic groups across america and the world who would like to get to know women of other ethnic groups as well, especially black women. Now I know, I know, the whole "double standard" issue that goes on. Black men who dates interracially, but is pissed off to see a black woman dating interracially also. (of course NOT ALL black men feel this way) I know that it seems that we as bw have to be the last ones to save the race and stay supportive and never deceive our bm, but of course, we have a right to choose, and it's  about options. Me personally, I love all races of men, from white, asian, hispanic/latino, indian, native american, I can go on and on and on! Love is love, and as far as I'm concerned, it's out there waiting for me. I pray that a man of any color will love me for me and takes me as I am.

Well that's it for now, I know I said I'm gonna be making more blogs throughout the next few weeks and months, I will check back soon and also check out my YouTube channel while your at it. Love you all and I'll talk with y'all later!

Much blessings,

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.  --Psalms 30:5

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome everybody

Hey y'all nappturaldancer here!

Welcome to my my first blog ever! Yeah, I know, I said that already. So let me just give you guys a little bit of insight about me. I've been anspiring dancer, singer, playwright, and part-time guru on YouTube. Ever since I started making vids on YouTube in late 2009, I wanted a new beginning for myself because I chopped off my chemically relaxed hair that I wore for about 7 seven years. After that whole ordeal, it put everything into perspective into what I wanted to do in life, and also the thing that really drove me to wanting to get the word out is the amazing support of the natural hair community on YouTube. One person especially, BlackOnyx77 aka Rochelle. When I first saw her channel, I remember that the first video of her's was the 2 year natural hair anniversary video and seeing the before and after and how much of an experience her journey was. It got me thinking like, "OMG" her hair is beautiful! I knew from right there I wanted a change in myself because when I had relaxed hair, I was also looking like the typical barbie doll chick out there. So I asked myself, "deal with societies views, or make my own views?" I set my own standard of beauty and I follow my own path with the grace of God. So on November 21, 2009, I did it. I went to the salon and got my hair cut, hence starting my natural journey!

I never thought that I would make it to one year being natural without the encouragement of so many fellow naturals out there, who have been cheering me on throughout this experience. Not only that I get to learn other people's experiences with natural hair. The do's and don'ts of natural, products to use and not to use, styling tutorials, natural hair meet up groups, hair expos, hair shows, etc. I felt that everything I see from most of the videos that I've watched are helping me not only to have great hair, but help me to be the best person I can be on the inside.

Not only do I post videos on Natural hair, but also on the topic of Interracial dating in America and the world. I had my experiences with meeting guys outside of my race. Probably since I was little, I never looked at color, cause I never thought that mattered (of course I was little at that time). Ever since then, I have a better appreciation of people and their differences because at the end of the day, we are all human. Now some people have a difficult time appreciating others differences just because of the color of their skin. I think I probably received about more than half of disgusting and nasty comments about the interracial videos of not me preaching about it, but just a slide show montage of couples (mostly black women with white men) which is a 2 part video. People, let me just say, I have a right to put up whatever I feel like putting up on my channel. If you see the title that says, "A Tribute to Interracial Love" what's the point of watching the video? Just so you can spread hate? You know it's funny how people say that racism is over now that we have a black president in the White House, but of course we all know that's not the case. Racism still exist. But for open minded people such as myself, we got to learn to rise above hate, discrimination, and prejudice. For the close minded people who are still in the mindset of being hateful towards another person just because of skin color, obviously they haven't been in school long enough to understand everyone's differences. Stuck in your own views of "race"? Then you are missing out! lol

Finally, I just want to conclude with this: we need to leave ungrateful bullshit (excuse my french) in the past this is the present. There is no need for history to repeat itself. It's our job for this generation to make the future brighter and better for our future generations to have a solid foundation of peace and harmony, and unless one of us step up and make the change, we got to brake the chain of hatred and stop being ignorant. period. And on that note, thank you very much for reading, I will being coming out with new blogs every other week when I get the chance, cause obvisously, I have a life afterall. Stay blessed stay beautiful and I'll to y'all again later!

  Stay Blessed,